Kanye West is doing what he can to help fight homelessness in L.A. It is being reported that Mr. West is planning to hire homeless people to model his line of clothes, for his next show. He will be teaming up with Skid Row Fashion Week for the clotjhing collab that will allow the homeless […]

Simone Harris is an American music manager, real estate investor and entrepreneur from Washington DC. She is the founder and CEO of Equity Finance and Tax Services, one of the largest debt removal companies in the south. She works with countless A-list celebrities assisting with millions of debt which is how I became familiar with her. […]

Diana Gordon randomly ran into her brother David at a bus stop after not seeing or hearing from him in 16 years.

The three Shepard sisters refuse to let their situation stop them living out their dreams as becoming track stars.

Nineteen-year-old Fred Barley is homeless, but understands the importance of higher education.

Sixteen-year-old Destyni Tyree was awarded a full scholarship to Potomac State College too.

​​ The city of Baltimore just got a little brighter after a photo of a teen praying over a homeless man went viral. Eric Gaines, a University of Maryland police officer, captured the moment last Tuesday while patrolling. After posting the image on Facebook, thousands praised the young man for the sweet gesture. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10204917531772261&set=a.1572392763949.65963.1659444155&type=3&theater Speaking to […]

Smith, who was previously homeless, was staying with his friend and her two granddaughters, ages 8 and 10. He was awakened from his sleep when he heard a loud noise in the middle of the night. He told reporters he believed someone was breaking in, but then he saw smoke.

We pass them on the overpass. We judge them and ask how they got that way. Then we feel sorry for them and vow to never make those same decisions. Whose to say they made a bad decision? They made the move to better their lives and for whatever reason, that decision took a turn […]

After making huge public pleas for help, Alexsandra Wright and her young son, Nixon Alexander Knowles have been booted from their home.  Their belongings have apparently gone into storage and they will stay in a shelter until further notice.  A paternity test proved that little Nixon was indeed the son of Beyonce‘s dad, Matthew Knowles. […]

I really enjoyed my first MLK Day parade with the Baltimore community! Special shouts to all who helped me collect clothes for the homeless in support of my sorority/chapter “Heart for the Homeless” which is set to take place Saturday, February 1st at the War Memorial (across the street). This was especially important to me […]

Everyone is running around with their Christmas lists, trying to get the best deals on this and that. Trying to make sure their families are well provided for on Christmas. We’re reminded as we drive into work who aren’t remembered during the holidays. Whether it’s the man at the intersection who holds up a sign […]