I really hate getting into arguments or tense conversations. I do, however, like to get the last word in, but that’s a bad thing too!

Does that mean you won the argument? Is ignoring the best method of revenge? Does yelling really prove a point? How can you win an argument and make your point without you or the other person being pissed off?

Try these tips:

Be realistic. There is always that chance, however remote, that your idea, proposal or concept will not be accepted and an argument will ensue.

Let your opponent speak his mind so that you can listen to his argument and address the issues appropriately.

Be firm and stress your points with full conviction, but never scream or resort to cursing, name-calling or breaking things.

Knock down your opponent’s arguments by replacing them with solutions.

Negotiate for a compromise where you agree on small wins for both of you, rather than a major win for just one.




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