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“Get up and do something for yourself, and your health”.

It’s Friday…and this is the finale; the last steps in your personal transformation. You have de-stressed (or so I hope), you have planned (have you been firm?), and you’ve received tips on eating which is important for the next step. Now, I know that eating better takes some time to do, but once you have that down pack; you can start to incorporate exercising, into your routine. Working out is just as hard, but once again eating healthier can give you that new boost.


  1. Buy hand weights and every night exercise those arm muscles.
  2. And find a safe location, that you feel comfortable walking (preferably with onlookers) and walk a track at least once or twice a day. Whatever works for you just get up and do something. And remember to smile even when things are not making you feel all that great. And don’t forget “get up and do something for your self and your health”.


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