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I got at least 3 hours of sleep last night! For whatever reason, I just couldn’t get to sleep. I even followed my own Motivational Minute tips that I posted last week (cool room, silence, comfy bed, and all that) but it wasn’t helping! I stayed up watching Jaden Smith in The Karate Kid (great movie, by the way) and that didn’t help much. It also didnt’ help watching RHOA at 2AM because I missed it watching the Ravens/ Steelers game.


So…now that I’m at work, how do I stay awake?

Listen to music. Perk yourself up by listening to music. Music triggers emotional responses in humans, helping us engage many parts of the brain.

Expose yourself to bright light. Preferably, natural daylight. Your body’s internal clock (its circadian rhythms) are regulated by your exposure to sunlight. This means you can trick your body into believing it should be awake even when it feels tired.

Chew ice. If you chew ice, it’s almost impossible to fall asleep. The chilling temperature keeps the brain on its toes, even while you are driving late at night, exhausted, and what you really want to do is fall asleep.

Try stretching. Stretching and twisting your body can help improve blood circulation, which helps keep you awake.