Comedian Mo'Nique stepped out for "catsuit weekend" in a curve hugging catsuit that showed off her slimed down and toned figure, and she looked amazing!

It’s been a minute since Mo’Nique opened herself up to all kinds of criticism when she tried to get people to boycott Netflix for not ponying up enough paper to get her to do a stand-up special. Now that she’s officially taken legal action against the entertainment streaming company alleging gender discrimination, things are about […]

Monique is embracing all of her gray strands and loving it in a new photo on Instagram.

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Welp! The Oscar winner did not hold back about the talk show host's current struggles, calling it "karma."

Oprah famously interview Michael Jackson at his estate in 1993. They laughed, they smiled, he charmed us with his moonwalk. Fast-forward to today and she’s being slammed for interviewing the alleged survivors of Leaving Neverland. Comedienne Mo’nique particularly had a problem with Oprah’s interview and questioned if she did it for ratings? “Here’s a […]

Lee Daniels says that he LOVES Monique and would never BLACKBALL her and he doesn’t know why she thinks that. I seems like he did say she had some demands that were a big deal. He also said he would work with her again so we will see. Lee clears up what he said about […]

The cast of 'Almost Christmas' reflects on Aunt May's wigs.

The cast of 'Almost Christmas' open up about their favorite (and go-to) dinner dish.

The Academy Award winner and her husband are accused of failing to pay their taxes for two years, and now the government says they owe nearly $400,000.