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Here is the question that really caught my attention during the show via Facebook. Let me know if you agree with my advice.


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Q.Wat do u do wen u find a condom in the laundry but wen u find it ya man doesnt make a fuss he just brushes it off wen u ask where it comes from.  u know it aint urs?? a few days later u find out about a female. 



A.  Sweetie, it is time to face facts. You have found a condom and a chick — clear signs that there is some cheating going on. You need to approach your man with what you know and see if he comes clean. If not, even approach her to see what details she will give you.

Once you have the info, the ball is now in your court and it is decision time. If he comes clean and seems remorseful, then you may want to decide if you can forgive and move on with him or if the relationship is too damaged and it is best to move on. If he still denies it all even after being confronted with all the things you know, then it may be best to leave this situation alone because he never plans to be honest with you.