#OfficeTalk: Do you agree there should be an age limit for children to use a public restroom by themselves? #YouSayWhat???   Keith DJtwofresh Roseburough Yes when they are 18 or older cause perverts hangout in spots like this to kidnap and fondle kids ms3rdwardbettyLol my son’s 5 and 9. Yeah they uses the men’s bathroom. […]

Today’s 10 O’clock Topic raised a few eyebrows and flared a few nostrils. It was based off of last night’s episode of Black Ink Crew; a black owned tattoo shop in New York. The comments on social media sparked today’s discussion due to the fact that most blacked owned businesses aren’t supported by “our own” […]

East B’more vs. West B’more So if you’re on instagram, I’m sure you have seen a pic like this before…lol. Do you think people from East Baltimore are different from people on the West Side? And if so, what are some of those differences? Drop a comment or hit me on IG or twitter @tweetAcruz […]

How do you feel about yesterday’s loss to the Washington Football Team? Do you have anything you want to say to our boys in Purple? Some callers this morning had encouraging words…saying we can still make the playoffs. Others say that Flacco is the problem and another caller said Coach Harbaugh is the problem. Here […]

Who’s Gonna Be Hot 5 Years From Now? That is the Breakfast Bite Question.   Out of all the artist’s we play on our station…Who do you think will still be hot FIVE years from now?    Connect with Me Twitter @TweetAcruz Instagram TweetAcruz Facebook.com/alichiaangeles Check out the D.A. Show Every Saturday 3-7pm and Sunday […]

More women hold down the household and are educated….but are they treated as well and paid as well as their male counterparts? tell me what you think? facebook.com/alichia.angeles twitter.com/alichiaa

Here is the question that really caught my attention during the show via Facebook. Let me know if you agree with my advice.