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Last night the Love Zone phone lines and fan page were on fire because you wanted to get on the record regarding white women and their ability to find a great guy faster than black women. Is this true or just another stereotype to work through?

These are some of the facebook and twitter responses from last night. Feel free to post your own views here on the page. Make sure you check out the Love Zone at 10pm Sun-Thurs for more hot conversations. You can join the virtual Love Zone nightly conversation by visiting


Do white women have it easier finding Mr. Right?

Christine – I don’t think many women have it easy looking for Mr. Right nowadays! The mental thinking on both sexes is too stressed on superficial features to actually pay attention to the “Mr./ Ms. Right.”

Ervin – Yes! Some make thereselves so open that most men cant resist

Jeralynn – WOW, interesting! At this point, I think all women have a difficult time finding Mr. Right especially if you’re in the 30 and over crew. I work in healthcare and the white young ladies are just as single as the black ones. All of these issues with relationships seem to be a universal issue.

Keith – I also think it has to do with what a women is willing to do to get mr right and once she gets him what she is willing to put up with to keep him because just like women some men have drama that the women doesn’t ask for

LaSheall – Hell yeah go to any market or walmart in the county it will be a 250 white woman with her stomach hangin on the floor she will still have a man that will pay all the bill and she don’t even have to work !!!!!

Alisha – I got my Mr. Right and our Anniversary is today of 4 yrs. I’m 24 and he’s 22 and he more mature then any of the men I ever met and hold his own down the legal way…I love my strong black. Stop looking for what you like and search for more of what you need inside and he’ll be standing right their inbetween all the snakes!!!

Rickey – Having dealt with different nationalities of women (and I love black women no question) but white women and other nationalities of women are far less criticizing and willing to accept more and compromise as far as a relationship

Anthony –  Yes white woman have it easier when it comes to finding Mr.Right because when it comes to love and relationships with white woman its easier,because they give it up quicker and they dont cause no problems in there relationships.

Derrick – White woman have it much easier at finding a man that they are compatible with due to a large number of men (black and white males) buying into the Euro-American ideal of what is considered beauty. Long healthy flowing hair, fair skin and a vibrant smile. Even light skinned woman have a better opportunity at finding a man

Charisse – Not better luck but better acting and/or patience…no offense to anyone but white women internalize more or easier than sistas…generally speaking, sistas don’t hold back & white women do… they react smarter,while sistas will check a brotha first, then think smarter by reasoning later & men know that & prefer that

Romaine – nope… cause i found him and its been 5 yrs now!!! wait…. i am half white ;)

Hazel – yes,because most of them been raised to hav a career , get married and trat their man a certain way. plus they are very supportive and understanding to some of thir mans needs. most of our sisters hav been hurt and hav problems that was never resolve and really don’t wat a man needs just woried about their own

Shantel – I dont think it have anything to do with race. I know a lot of black women that have found there Mr. Right. One thing i’ve noticed about them is that they have the upmost respect for thereself. They know they are worth more than what some of these guys have to offer and they dont settle for less.

Candice – i don’t think one race or another has it any better or worse finding right. When seeking him u must kno rite off what u have to offer n what u want him to have. If its equal, he will prolly b mr.rite n ur eyes but if one side is lackin one may feel intimidated. I jus think its all n what ur lookin for cuz every man or woman will classify their mr or ms right differently!

Jeffrey – Yes they do because they are more submissive and settle for what’s finacially acceptable. Some but not all black women set high standards but live @ a lower standard.most white women will accept infidelity as long as he takes care of the familyn sisters aren’t having it.Sisters want that mink where a white woman wants that house.