So lets go back in time and really do some thinking. Have you ever seen Plies without a hat? I’ll wait; I bet the answer to that is no. Well, this guy claims he knows why Plies never takes his hat off…   Want news at your fingertips? Text “QCREW” to 24042 to join our […]

  While the “LAMBS”, who are affectionately known as Mariah Stans, are usually raving and rooting for her.  The new love interest that she has taken on, has caused her LAMBS to turn up their nose at the Diva.  Even though he is a BILLIONAIRE, her fans don’t give a HOOT and have added their […]

Lil Wayne pulls GORGEOUS women!!! What is his secret? Are looks really all that important in love? Its all about chemistry, personality, and conversation. The way people act is what makes them ugly or beautiful to me Guess not. I know if my daughter brought him to Sunday dinner, he wouldn’t make out alive! It […]