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Lil Wayne pulls GORGEOUS women!!! What is his secret? Are looks really all that important in love?

  • Its all about chemistry, personality, and conversation. The way people act is what makes them ugly or beautiful to me
  • Guess not. I know if my daughter brought him to Sunday dinner, he wouldn’t make out alive! It be “oh hell nah”, I’d be reaching for the shotgun!
  • He must have some amazing swagger and skills-I just do not see it. you can’t even say it is the money because he dates attractive and successful women.
  • Not when you have money for some women.
  • Its not about looks, its about chemistry. Not I must say that celebrities are a different animal! Everyone is trying to be the “Power Couple” LOL.
  • No….. you realize this after maturing! A persons inner essence is what makes them Most attractive imo
  • Based on the example you gave…….I guess looks don’t mean too much at all.