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The summer months can be brutal on many of us. There are laws that say we must use caution with our children and elderly; especially when we leave them in the car.

Recently, national news hit about a father who left his infant baby in his car for several hours. He is currently awaiting trial.

An Annapolis woman is now in custody for leaving her pet Yorkie in her vehicle during 90 degree weather for over 2 hours.

We must use better judgement when it comes to traveling with our children, elderly and pets. If it’s too hot for you, then it’s too hot for them as well!


Before you pack up your pooch, Pa Pa, Na Na or precious baby, you’ll need to follow these tips:



Never leave your pet in the car! Not even for a minute. Not even with the car running and air conditioner on. On a warm day, temperatures inside a vehicle can rise rapidly to dangerous levels. On an 85-degree day, for example, the temperature inside a car with the windows opened slightly can reach 102 degrees within 10 minutes. After 30 minutes, the temperature will reach 120 degrees. Your pet may suffer irreversible organ damage or die. SOURCE



Elder Care:

Seniors are more susceptible to dehydration than younger people because they lose their ability to conserve water as they age. They also can become less aware of their thirst and have difficulty adjusting to temperature changes. Remember to drink water often, and be sure to pack some for those long summer drives.

Dr. William Greenough, of Johns Hopkins Geriatric Center, says that caregivers should make sure seniors are drinking sweat replacement products (that contain salt and potassium) to replace water they lose during the summer. SOURCE


Toddler Care:

Never leave children alone in or around cars; not even for a minute.

Put something you’ll need like your cell phone, handbag, employee ID or brief case, etc., on the floor

board in the back seat.

Get in the habit of always opening the back door of your vehicle every time you reach your destination

to make sure no child has been left behind. This will soon become a habit. We call this the “Look

Before You Lock” campaign. SOURCE



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