When Tamar Braxton cut her hair off a couple of weeks ago, she let us all know that she is NOT her hair. We haven’t seen too much of Tamar until now. The singer/reality star was a guest on STEVE hosted by Steve Harvey Show alongside Keri Hilson as they talked about love, relationships, careers, […]

When Tamar Braxton appeared on ‘The View’ today, she discussed her marriage status with Vincent Herbert. She said that her and Vince are in extensive counseling. When she had the meltdown on Twitter a few weeks, she blamed herself with being too open with folks about issues in her marriage. “Keep people out your business. […]

The REAL co-host, Jeanie Mai announced that her and her husband are separating after being together for 13 years. In the beginning, they both didn’t want kids. As time has passed, her husband has shared that he does want kids. Since they don’t agree on the subject, she is letting him go so he can […]

It’s very sad that in 2017, we’re hearing these stories likes this. According to Daily Mail, a Brazilian mom stabbed her son to death after he came out that he was gay. Originally, she had two men attack her son but when they would not kill him, she took things into her own hands. She, […]

  We all know that social media has a HUGE impact on our every day lives. What you may think is a simple joke, could cost you your job. Just ask former school district employer, Katie Nash, what happened when she corrected a student’s spelling on Twitter. Katie Nash was the social media manager for […]


Growing up, going to the mall on the weekend with your friends was like a right of passage. Whether it was Towson, Owings Mills, Security, The Plaza or wherever, it was the place to be on the weekend. Well, starting September 16th, teens will be in for a rude awakening at Towson Town Center. Mall […]

A Second grade teacher at Godley Elementary in Texas, is implementing a ‘No Homework’ policy. Brandy Young told parents that there is a study that proves that homework doesn’t improve performance. With that, she conducted that instead of giving homework, families should “spend that time after school eating dinner as a family, reading together, playing […]

Are you in a long-term relationship or married but need your space? Then a Living Apart Together (LAT) relationship may be for you. Yesterday for #TellKels, we talked about this on the show. A LAT relationship is defined as couple in a long-term relationship or married that chose to live separately. Suprisingly, this is very […]

  For #TellKels, we talked about the Texas teen who killed his prom date after a night of rough sex. The Daily Beast reports, “A Texas mom tried to be cool and her son became a killer. Mom bought the booze, supplied the painkillers, and reserved the swanky hotel room to ensure her son’s prom […]

We got a sneak peek of the next segment of ‘Love & Hip Hop New York‘ reunion. In the clip, you see Cardi B talk about how people use each other in relationships. Watch the clip below and answer the question, “Does putting your demands up front make you a hoe?”    

It’s being called the “first of it’s kind” and could either be a good idea or a bad idea. In atlanta, Pride School, will be opening it’s doors soon for students of the LGBT community. This K-12 institution will also be open for anyone who feels they’re not getting the right amount of support. Pride […]