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Are you in a long-term relationship or married but need your space? Then a Living Apart Together (LAT) relationship may be for you. Yesterday for #TellKels, we talked about this on the show. A LAT relationship is defined as couple in a long-term relationship or married that chose to live separately. Suprisingly, this is very popular among couples in their 20’s, 30’s or 55plus.

Some of the Pros for a LAT relationship are: spontaneity, more effort/focus is on date night, less arguments, and more passion. On the opposite end of things are trust is on a whole other level, not same level of intimacy as if living together, and people viewing your relationship different than the norm.

Here are some of the responses from listeners who chimed in on IG.

scorpio_venomAbsolutely not. Why be together and live separate. Personally that should only be when your dating, but when your married living apart is not an option

lady13pg No, I know someone that is doing that (separated) and nothing has gotten any better.

rotipizza Of course, I wouldn’t want them to know my eating habits until we are married and it’s too late lol

columbo7 Depends on the person. If they aren’t taking anything seriously, there’s no point. Be single!

prettybrowneyez1930 Hell to hell naw, why be in a marriage if you going to live apart you might as well be single for all that.

I know for me, it’s a hell no right off the break. If we’re together, then we’re together. Plus, I get bored quickly so if we aren’t doing the normal live-in situation, it’s not going to work. Not to mention, when I want to get it in or see you or spend time, i want to do it then.

Could you do a LAT relationship?