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Frustrated mixed race student working in classroom

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A Second grade teacher at Godley Elementary in Texas, is implementing a ‘No Homework’ policy. Brandy Young told parents that there is a study that proves that homework doesn’t improve performance. With that, she conducted that instead of giving homework, families should “spend that time after school eating dinner as a family, reading together, playing outside and getting children to bed early.” (USA Today) Homework will only be given if the student doesn’t complete work that is given during the day.

We posed this question for ‘Tell Kels’. Here are some of the answers from social media.

baltifashionmore1 Yep…..people need to spend that time raising their kids, asking their kids questions about their day and what’s going on in their lives…..

cinematicfresh I’m good with that. All they need to do is focus in class. The test scores will prove his theory. I’m sure it will improve.

iamjackboi Yes I think that’s a great idea.. Just pay attention in class ,also a little studying won’t hurt

charmcitytia I agree with the philosophy if the time would be utilized wisely as intended. A few parents in agreement are only looking for some free time (of their own), not necessarily quality time with the children. There should still be some afternoon reading, study focus, or even playing a board game like Monopoly where counting and reading are envolved, anything to jog the mind to keep them sharp!

youknowthiss No, homework helps reinforce what’s taught in class. In some cases, it also helps a student’s grade. Spending time with your family is a good thing, but that’s not the school district’s business.

itsmetee1031 I think it depends on the student honestly… I’ve worked with foster youth as a social worker & they don’t always have that support system they need for homework & homework would always be an issue when it came to grades etc… Not every child is in a home where they receive what they need. My children will still be expected to do certain things but I can see how this could help.


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