Rapper Cardi B says she’s ready for a fresh new start in 2024, and it looks like that “start” won’t include her husband Offset. Cardi recently hopped on Instagram Live to tell her fans the news saying, “… I just don’t know how to tell the world. But I feel like today has been a […]

It does seem that over the past couple of years, we have lost a lot of rappers. Whether it was over a rap beef or an innocent by-stander situation, it has been way too many; Some of our favorite rappers have left us too soon. You hear a lot of artist say nowadays that being […]


Salute to all the fallen artists no longer here.

When it comes to making a little extra coin, a true hustler knows how to be creative and isn’t afraid to think outside of the box. However, diversifying one’s income is not just something for “regular folks” you may be surprised to see what some of the biggest Hip-Hop stars are working on when they’re […]

Early Friday (Nov.1) morning, Famous Dex suffered a seizure during his performance at 1OAK in Hollywood. A representative for Dex says that the rapper suffered Epileptic seizures about halfway through the show and is recovering well. Paramedics were called to the scene just before 2AM but sources report that Dex was not taken to the […]

L.A. County Sheriffs report that the Atlanta rapper is free.


Rappers and prison is a trend that really needs to stop. Currently, there are numerous rap artists stuck on involuntary vacations for a plethora of reasons, great and small. While plenty are in jail for something like parole violation, others are locked up on more heinous charges, like murder. Keep this in mind when proclaiming […]

Uncle L, don’t do it….or should we be telling rappers to step their game up? I’m not saying any specific names in Hip Hop, but we all know that some of the rappers are just lame. Some you can’t understand what they’re saying while the other you have no idea what they’re even rapping about; […]

Louisiana rapper Hurricane Chris wants Kodak Black to know he has to go through him if he wants to get to Lil Wayne. Chris hopped on social media over the weekend to personally threaten Kodak following his sudden hatred for Weezy. If you have no idea how this beef started, here’s a little background: Last […]

There is nothing more innovative, daring and entertaining than a drag queen — in fact, the only artists who come close to adopting the flair, personas and monikers of drag artists are rappers. Just like a drag queen, when a rapper chooses a name, it’s a special moment in their career. So it shouldn’t come […]