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Source: Arturo Holmes / @ArtuGraphiq

It does seem that over the past couple of years, we have lost a lot of rappers. Whether it was over a rap beef or an innocent by-stander situation, it has been way too many; Some of our favorite rappers have left us too soon. You hear a lot of artist say nowadays that being a rapper is a dangerous job and that it’s like they have a target on their back.

While doing some promo for his joint album, Her Loss, that he did with Drake, 21 Savage admitted that due to the all of the death surrounding rappers, he’s always paranoid.

He shares with Akademiks in his Off The Record podcast, “I’m scared of everybody, n-gga. I’m not fucking Rambo … I move scared. Hell yeah I’m scared. Scared n-ggas stay alive. ‘Cause I done seen it. I’m not one of them n-ggas who just — n-gga, I been shot. I seen my friend die, in my face, on my birthday. In the car, too. It ain’t like it’s like, oh we just standing on the block and a drive-by happen. I’m talking bout right here, n-gga. He in the drivers seat, I’m in the passenger seat type shit.

He added, “So I know like, n-gga, this shit get wicked fast, like that, you know what I’m saying? So it’s like, I’m just paranoid always, 24/7, n-gga. I think somebody following me. I’m spinning the block a couple of times before I go in the house.”