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Today’s 10 O’clock Topic raised a few eyebrows and flared a few nostrils. It was based off of last night’s episode of Black Ink Crew; a black owned tattoo shop in New York.

The comments on social media sparked today’s discussion due to the fact that most blacked owned businesses aren’t supported by “our own” community because some are poorly run, bad experiences, and more.

What is the reason you choose NOT to support most black businesses: (comments from social media)

  • sassiegurl216Most are never on time! (My experience)
  • age.of.fultonSometimes the professionalism and customer service are non-existent. Too much attitude…..
  • cakeznpiezbI think ppl assume that the quality of service & services rendered or provided will be poor. I’ve had bad customer experiences with all kings l kinds of ppl. No race is exempt from ppl of no character aka “aintsh*tness”.
  • jus_reereeThey make hours as they go


You say what? Take the poll:


What is sad is most black owned businesses don’t operate under these stereotypes and are suffering from those that do. Please continue to support our communities! It’s the only way we can survive!





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