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#OfficeTalk: Do you agree there should be an age limit for children to use a public restroom by themselves? #YouSayWhat???


  • Keith DJtwofresh Roseburough Yes when they are 18 or older cause perverts hangout in spots like this to kidnap and fondle kids
  • ms3rdwardbettyLol my son’s 5 and 9. Yeah they uses the men’s bathroom. But I be in the door like don’t touch nothing Dfl while holding the door open with my shoe. But this the one. I always say if somebody touch or look at you yell like shit. Their crazy mother lol
  • Radience Melson-Pittman Yes…10 and above.
  • Danielle McClinton I do. There have been instance where children have gone to the bathroom alone and terrible things have happened to them. What comes to mind is the little girl whose parents let her go alone and she was kidnapped and murdered. Anything can happen
  • Chevon Daughter Hawkins My son is 8 and I still don’t allow him to go in the men’s restroom alone. He hates it but I make him cover his eyes while I take him in the ladies restroom with me. Too many perverts out here!
  • Tracy Smith my 5 1/2 year goes and will continue to go into the womens rest room when he’s with me. If dad is out with us then he can go with dad into the men’s restroom, otherwise…he will always use the womens room. Most of the time, I use the family restroom if they are available.


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