They have us believe that carbs are bad if you have too much. The doctors and fitness pros tell us which foods they think are low in carbs. Are they right or do we check behind them or just take their word for it, because all information should be double checked. Even My INFO!! The […]

If you sit around and watch television all day or if you relax on the couch it could be hurting your health. You need to get up and get moving because it could be unhealthy for you. Your body needs to move and activity is the best way to go because it helps with heart […]

The best thing you can do if you don’t lift weights is use resistance bands to lose weight. Ladies don’t understand that they won’t get a lot of muscles but they will change their body composition. You must eat a healthy diet of protein and veggies to balance it all out. I workout three to […]

The foods you need to to try after a bad day of eating. We all have those days when we just eat some foods that we know are off our regular routine. Walnuts, Chia Seeds, Flax and more of the right foods can help. When trying to lose weight make sure you pay attention to […]

The way you eat and take care of your body says a lot about you as a person. Believe it or not people prejudge you as soon as they see you because we are visual beings. The worst thing another person can do is think they know something about your eating habits without knowing you. […]

The idea about working out is different for everybody. Some people believe you aren’t working out if you don’t hit the gym! Others believe that just a brisk walk is a major form of working out and some think that any kind of activity is a work out. I will keep it simple and say […]

One of the things most of the people who workout want is to lose weight. The other people who workout want to gain muscle and look great naked! When I say that I mean it because we all want to find something wrong that we can fix, but we don’t want to hit the gym […]

The world we live in is moving so fast now and nobody has a lot of time to workout. I am one of those people who have to find time to workout due to my crazy schedule. The best thing we can do is find something to help us with losing weight and a good […]

The reason those who workout regularly hit plateaus is because they do the same things over and over. What I mean by that is… most people don’t know that they need to switch up their workout routines! You have to change up your reps and exercises because the body will adjust to all workouts and […]

Join Our Text Club To Get The Latest Music, Entertainment, Contests And Breaking News On Your Phone. Text BALTIMORE to 24042 to join! Most people want to lose weight or tone up but don’t know how. I say you need to want it for yourself before anything can happen. You need to be self motivated and […]

If getting in shape is on your list for 2019, there are some fitness trends to look out for. According to Black Doctor, gyms are listening to their customers and are trying to get them in and out the gym as fast as possible. That means some gyms are offering fitness classes that will push […]

Women think that lifting weights will have them bulk up but it’s not true. The gym workout lifting weight will help you lose more weight faster than eating less carbs. The body will adjust to whatever we put it through eating right and lifting will help build your body up. When we break it […]