We #outchea in B’more! The D.A. takes a selfie stick pic / video with Dirty Rice and salutes our D.A. family that’s #Outchea … Click to here to see The D.A. #Outchea with Dirty Rice..via his new selfie stick..LOL! Shout out to this week’s Instagrammy Winners! Hit the player below to hear who they are… […]

We salute our Summer Ready IG friends today! Cheers to those that wear proper summer time attire, have their bikini waxed and toes done… Lookin’ and smellin’ extra baby powder fresh! Hit the player below to hear this week’s #SummerReady Instagrammy Winners!  Or Click Here to See More! What do you think?   Connect with […]

    This week we salute our favorite funny memes this week in the Instagrammy Awards! First Click this and see the Dundalk Beyonce’ meme that inspired this week’s category…yes  it originally said, if Beyonce were from Dundalk! You can click the player below, to hear who won the honors this week! What do you think? […]

Today we salute our Instagram friends that are downtown protesting for justice in the Freddie Gray case. It’s great seeing people taking a stand and protesting peacefully. This week’s winners are…. 92Q’s very own @lilBlackTheCEO for his continuous coverage from the downtown and awesome imagery. Also big props to @CinematicFresh His mini-videos really paint a […]

  We salute those that are enjoying this good spring weather in the #LovinLifeSelfie edition of the #InstagrammyAwards.  After this brutal winter who isn’t feeling good this weekend? Check out the winners below and if you can’t see them then hit the link below that…. Coming up about 5:35 will @trevnick17 win a #instagrammyAward ?? With this […]

The D.A., Dre Johnson and Alichia Cruz, had to salute the hilarious and thought provoking memes from this week in the #NahMeme edition of the Instagrammy Awards.  From Empire to the just hilarious we couldn’t resist..Nah Meme. Check out this week’s winner below! Big Shout out to @WarrenBFit this meme has been reposted but many […]

All this snow has people locked up in the house but one thing we can all still do, is take a mean #selfie. Just whip your phone out and show us what your workin with. Here were our #SexySelfie pics from this week…. S/o @iamJayOliver nice #sexyselfie looking for yours now for the #instagrammyawards #92Q […]

Out in the cold in the #instagrammyAwards today! As we buckle down for more snow heading our way, The D.A. salutes the folks that are out and about or working in this frigid cold.  Here are our #OutInTheColdSelfie winners for today… S/o @hnicrell & his good #OutInTheColdSelfie I see u playa👏 listen to #92Q to […]


Despite numerous witnesses saying that Michael Brown surrendered to officer Darren Wilson, the Grand Jury has decided NOT to indict the officer. Vox.com describes the decision to baffling given the autopsy review and witness reports. Like most predicted protesters are furious and so are many folks across the country. It’s no wonder people are now […]

The D.A. Salutes our favorite thought provoking memes in the #Instagrammys this week.  Dre Johnson even awards himself, for his beloved “relationship” meme.  Click the player below to hear the awards and check them out below. & hit up @tweetACruz @DreJohnson1 to see all nominees @dreJohnson1 Salutes himself with this meme that actually inspired this […]

The D.A. kicked off the month of November with the Instagrammy Awards.  This past Saturday was the first day in November and we paid tribute to those good fall weather, first day of November Selfies.  Take a look at the winners below and hear what we said about them on air by clicking on the […]

Dre Johnson and Alichia Cruz Got that #BirdFlu This past weekend we were lovin the sea of Orange And Black on Instagram. Although we didn’t win the game, the fight is NOT over and maybe today’s postponed game will be good for our birds… A day to regroup, get centered, and further assess the competition […]