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Simone Harris is an American music manager, real estate investor and entrepreneur from Washington DC. She is the founder and CEO of Equity Finance and Tax Services, one of the largest debt removal companies in the south. She works with countless A-list celebrities assisting with millions of debt which is how I became familiar with her.

Me and Simone share some of the same passions such as educating young adults and aspiring entrepreneurs. Simone brings a strategic and streamlined thought process to her audience and offers business opportunities for other entrepreneurs, allowing hundreds to create wealth and financial independence through her mentorship which I wanted to talk with her more about.

Simone Harris

Source: Simone Harris / Simone Harris

Raven Paris: Being a black woman in a male-dominated industry, what challenges do you face, and how do you not crumble under pressure? 

SH: I tend to have to deal with men who think they can take advantage of me because I’m an educated young black woman in a male-dominated industry or they think I’m just an inexperienced pretty face who is still learning the game. However, I have been an entrepreneur for five years, so I shock men consistently with my business acumen. Therapy and a drive to win long-term keep me sane under immense pressure. 

Raven Paris: Mental health is significant in the black community. Have you had any personal experiences dealing with mental illnesses? And if so, what have you done to get out of those dark times? 

SH: It’s absolutely pivotal in our community and for every entrepreneur to have. From being in foster care, losing my biological family, and dealing with mental health issues such as ADHD and anxiety as a kid have made me an advocate for Mental Health services in the black community. We have to make it okay not to be okay all of the time; to allow our community to accept the benefit of what therapy and embracing mental health can do for the black community. Every entrepreneur has to deal with various mental roadblocks on their journey to financial success, especially black ones, so I will always recommend getting a therapist. 

Raven Paris: What influenced you to start your business, Equity Finance, and Tax Services? Was this something you always saw yourself doing as a kid? 

SH: Honestly, yes! As a kid, I’ve always envisioned myself taking upon the journey of entrepreneurship. Even If I weren’t, I would’ve taken upon a career path of something that’s not a regular 9-5 job, such as acting, modeling, etc.…. I always pictured and wanted something where I could control my own destiny. I always felt uncomfortable in every job I worked, it motivated me to undertake this journey. I have been job-free and doing my thing for five years now! I want to be able to travel anywhere at any time and still accomplish the work I needed to do. To truly achieve financial nirvana, you cannot work under somebody for an extended period of time. Our generation has opened the doors for more successful entrepreneurs than ever, and that needs to continue to truly embrace having more financially free people doing what they love to do! Never sell yourself short. 


Simone Harris

Source: Simone Harris / Simone Harris

Raven Paris: With your experience in obtaining passive income through short-term rentals, what are the top 3 mistakes you’ve made that you also see a lot of others make starting out?

SH: I have seen people make three common mistakes: the sensation of overnight success instead of gradually built success, a lack of structure and planning, and an expectation of support from friends and family. You need consistency, persistence, and diligence in the journey to see it through. It takes time for your empire to build. You need a plan and business structure that keeps you growing daily to procure your financial goals. Nobody else will believe in your vision and see it until you embrace it by living it. Having the persistence to embrace failure and getting up to get back to it again when you fail tests how bad you want it and how disciplined your consistency is. Finally, a good plan will allow you to structure your day-to-day processes to build into knocking out milestones you have set up for yourself, so please take the time to develop a game-changing business strategy. 

Raven Paris: Congratulations on also being Co-Owner of Free Racks Society, an investment lounge dedicated to promoting millennials’ financial literacy strategies. In what ways can the black community become more financially savvy? 

SH: You have to set goals and plans that allow you to structure your life to achieve becoming more financially savvy. You cannot reach financial goals if you’re stuck working jobs that don’t pivot you towards the direction you want to go. Have a set timeline and follow through with it throughout the ups and downs that keep you on the right track. Also, instead of saving your money, the black community needs to invest their money into crypto, stocks, real estate, and more means that allow their money to work for them instead of them working for money! 

Raven Paris: What marketing strategy/strategies have really helped you scale your businesses that you can share with other entrepreneur women? 

SH: Leveraging your network and using social media applications to frugally build your brand while only sending money when needed instead of constantly wasting money on possessions that aren’t pivotal to the evolution of the brand you’re procuring. Collaborations with people in your network can help increase and elevate your net worth. 

Raven Paris: Who has given you the best advice in your journey, and what was that advice?

SH: I’ll quote my mentor Les Brown, one of the most renowned business gurus and motivational speakers of modern times! “In order to get something you never had, you have to do something you have never done!” When he told me this, it allowed me to think outside the box and get uncomfortable with just settling! 

Raven Paris: How can we support you, and if we need help with your services, how can we get in contact with you? 

SH: You may get in contact with me via social media, email, website, or for press purposes, my publicist., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn