Join Our Text Club To Get The Latest Music, Entertainment, Contests And Breaking News On Your Phone. Text BALTIMORE to 24042 to join! The hustle of everyday life keeps us running daily. Don’t get caught up in the rat race because you will forget your good eating habits if you don’t pack lunch. You can save […]

The Brain is where all your body functions start so you have to feed your Brain just like you do anything else. The Brain is a muscle just like everything else and you have to keep it active with reading along with being creative. Though small in stature, edible plant seeds are densely packed […]

The mushroom has more benefits than you can imagine. Powedered Mushrooms are good for your heart, immune system and fighting Cancer just to name a few things so find out where you can get yours and add them to your diet. So you’ve been convinced to try mushroom powder. How should you put it […]

The body needs more than my workouts and exercise to remain healthy. Today I need you to understand that workouts and healthy eating go hand an hand.  Your body needs fuel to get your daily routines done but more importantly your body needs the nutrients to build a healthy body. Eat right and live longer! […]

Food you eat can change your life. The foods that I am about to share with you can help you stay healthy and lose weight at the same time. Grandma used to say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This is true! The Apple is packed with powerful properties that can aid in […]

You need to feed your body the right foods for your body to operate at its peak daily. Your body needs the right fuel and that would be in the form of food. We are what we eat and I know you have heard that before. Make sure you stay on top of your eating […]

The human body needs to be fueled by the right foods but we don’t know what we don’t know. I will tell you right now that you can’t overeat sugar and remain in tip-top shape. Too much sugar will break the body down. Below you will find the info on how much sugar you should […]

The foods you eat are the foods that will make or break your workout. Healthy meals that are balanced are important to your weight. Your body needs the right vitamins and minerals to perform at it’s peak so make sure you have a daily routine that works for you. Source: Fitness Foods Follow Me On […]

The Full Body workout is the best thing for optimum health. You have to balance your workout with good nutrition. The way to lose full body weight is to make sure you stay on track with your weight training. Life will still come at you but you have to figure out what’s more important. If […]

I have to help out my people that want to eat healthy but think they can’t afford it. Eating healthy is a choice and it will change your life. You will feel better and have more energy! I changed my eating habits years ago and never went back to eating junk food again, so you […]

Going into Winter we all worry about gaining weight because some get booed up and others just slow down and relax. If you are worried about your weight this is for you. I have some tips that I found online for you and I live by some of these rules too. You have to work […]