One of the things most of the people who workout want is to lose weight. The other people who workout want to gain muscle and look great naked! When I say that I mean it because we all want to find something wrong that we can fix, but we don’t want to hit the gym […]

The winter weather is just another season to people that are in to working out. They don’t worry about anything but how they can get in a workout. The colder it is outside the better the workout could be for you body. It forces you to drink more water and stretch before you workout. Source: […]

The Rock was known for being one of the top Wrestlers in the game and know he is known for everything else. Like movies, Reality Shows, Fitness Guy and motivational speaker. He has put it all on the line and made it a success with staying focused on his fitness. Source: The Rock Workout Follow […]

The body is a incredible machine and you can change it at anytime you get ready but it will take work. You can change your mindset or you can change your body to build muscle or lean up and trim down. Staying in shape is another job but one you should want to do well. […]

Ko Show Fitness has been going strong for a long time but 2018 is about to be a record breaking year. I have teamed up with several people that will help you get on track and stay on track. Our local celebrities and friends will help you get in shape. I will help you become […]

The New Year will have plenty of people running to the GYM and they will be there for a few weeks until they get sore. The only push a little bit but don’t burn that extra fat because they haven’t put down a realistic GOAL! You have to focus on what you want and you […]

The benefits of living a healthy life is you can feel better mentally and pysically. You can do more and live a more full filled life. You can enjoy doing the samethings you did when you were younger but with a few limitations. Age is just a number when you live a healthy life. Strive […]

The New Year and Holiday’s bring more fitness and workout people to the gym. I will tell you that you have a few ways to keep the weight off but you have to take action. Take your lunch with you where ever you go and make sure you treat yourself to something you like once […]

What you eat is a big deal if you are trying to lose weight. I know that most people think they need to run miles a day and count calories daily just to lose weight, but that’s not true. You have to commit to a daily routine and eating right. What you eat daily is […]

Make it count and use your time wisely.