Lady Gaga joined a number of other celebrities and let the world in on who she casted a ballot for, President Barack Obama. Check out this exclusive interview she did with Colby Colb, from our sister station in Cleveland. President Barack Obama Says ” Can’t Touch This” Meet Twins Barack Obama & Mitt Romney! Young […]

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Barack Obama has been re-elected as the President Of The United States. America has spoken and have re-elected President Obama for four more years! Vice-President Joe Biden will serve alongside Obama proudly. Political analysts warned America that the race is in fact a tight one. Harsh ad campaigns and pointing the finger has finally come […]

Today is the BIG DAY, Election 2012. This is the absolute last chance to have your voice heard and to vote for the BEST person you feel to will lead America. Find your polling place here.

ELECTION DAY 2012 is HERE!!! It’s NOVEMBER 6th – MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT!! If you’re a registered voter in any state but do not know where to cast your vote, check out the links below. For Maryland State voters, various county links are available as well. MARYLAND STATE: (click here for statewide or select your […]

Via  Mitt Romney and Ryan Paul are pulling out all the stops on the campaign trail in the last few hours of the Presidential race. They are making statements that are blatantly not true. An act of desperation? Maybe, you be the judge.Read More.  Election Is Closer Than Expected TODAY IS THE LAST DAY […]

Obama? Romney? Question 6? Question 7? Republican? Democrat? Independant? Senate? Who’s on third? All these questions can make voting a frutrating experience, huh? Well, early voting ends today and election day is this coming Tuesday! Still undecided?     Maybe these tips will help you out: Know how much experience they have. A presidential candidate […]

Today is the last day for early voting in Maryland. Residents have until 9 pm to cast their vote in the state. Early voting is encouraged to increase voter turnout and to avoid election day crowds on November 6th. Please get out to the respective locations to vote today. For more information on locations to […]

Via  Early Voting in Maryland continues despite the delay from Hurricane Sandy. The Hurricane cancelled two early voting days in Maryland. To get more information on when to go cast your early  vote, Click Here. Election Is Closer Than Expected President Obama Talks Election & Sandy Katy Perry And President Obama You Must See […]

We need to take this election as serious as the last four elections. This one is closer than everybody thought it would be and early election still going on until Nov 1st. It doesn’t matter who you are voting for just vote. See Stats: Election Follow Me On Instagram/Twitter @Konan92Q How Will Obama’s Decision To […]

Chelsea Clinton will let you know why she thinks you should vote. Everybody has a decision to make in a few days and you need to excercise your right to vote. There is more going on and you can see it below. See More: VOTE Follow Me On Instagram/Twitter @Konan92Q President Obama Talks Election & […]

Early voting for Maryland starts today and lasts for 5 days. So if you’re looking for a polling station in Baltimore County, Baltimore City and other counties, here are a few places:         Towson University Administrative Building 7720 York Road Towson, MD 21252 Bloomsbury Community Center 106 Bloomsbury Avenue Catonsville, MD 21228 […]