Even though he’s only be in the rap game for 5 years, a movie about Soulja Boy’s life is on the way. The documentary Soulja Boy: The Movie, will be released to DVD on October 18th. Spotted SEAN KINGSTON & SOULJA BOY SPOTTED AT 4TH OF JULY PARTY SOULJA BOY WANTS THE MOST WHITE GIRLS […]

“Dark Girls” is a new documentary by Bill Duke that explores the deep-seated biases and attitudes towards skin color, particularly that of dark-skinned women, outside of and within the Black American culture. What are your thoughts on this controversial issue within in the black community? Are we still stuck on “color concept” in the 21st […]

Hip-Hop needs more movies and less trailers for music videos. Thankfully someone had the foresight to document The Roots while they are still together as opposed to trying to piece them together after a break-up. 25 Reasons We Love Michael Jordan During The Legendary Roots Crew’s acclaimed Hennessey Artistry Tour, where they were joined on […]


Speechless is the first time we have heard any new music from Alicia Keys since she had baby, Egypt. During the video documentary, Keys says ‘Speechless’ is how the newborn makes her feel. Go ‘Behind-The-Scenes’ with Keys and Eve as they create the Swizz Beatz produced track, Speechless. Just watching this video got me excited […]


Last night was sooooo freaking crazy. Whoever scheduled Real Housewives of ATL, the season finale of Fantasia For Real, The Soul Train Awards, and Nicki’s MTV ‘My Time Now’ Documentary-should be stoned! I was flipping back and forth and missed alot, so today I will be spending my time playing catch up with them all. […]

via: http://www.tfmoutloud.com The documentary displays Nicki Minaj in all of her prime moments. From giving her debut performance with Will.I.Am on the VMAs to sitting down and having bonding time with her family, Nicki talks about what she brings to the rap game as a female artist and what it would be like once she […]

Get an first look at the trailer of <strong>Drake's</strong> 'Better Than Good Enough' documentary that will air on MTV>