See this is why you need a lock box on not just guns but now weed too. According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, officials received a call for possible overdoses at the school around 10:30 a.m., and six of the students were transported to the hospital. Ten middle schoolers between ages 12 and 14 […]

“Do ya Do ya Do ya Do ya Do ya Do ya, now do you think you Mary Jane?” Yup, one of Mother’s Nature favorite herb may be the saving grace to help protect us from COVID-19. According to a report posted with Bloomberg, cannabis compounds (cannabigerolic acid, or CBGA, and cannabidiolic acid, or CBDA) […]

Happy 4/20 to all of our beautiful stoners; may your sacks be fat, your blunts burn slow, and may your snacks be plentiful because the munchies are real sis. Oh and no puff, puff pass, "The Rona" is still out here in these streets.


We’ve compiled 10 celebrity and minority owned Cannabis brands that we feel you should know about and support if given the chance.

Why you should give these CBD products a try on 4/20.

OK Ray J we see you making money moves! He just signed a major deal with a marijuana company. via TMZ Ray J signed on to become the chief strategic media officer for … and his new duties include making infomercials for the brand, encouraging people to invest in the burgeoning bud biz and […]

CVS is officially getting into the business of offering its customers CBD products–and that’s a pretty big deal. In a statement to FOX Business, the drugstore chain said that it started selling CBD products–or products with cannabidiol–which is the non-psychoactive component of marijuana, last week in select states across the country. Curaleaf Holdings Inc. has […]

In the booming cannabis industry, the participation of Black entrepreneurs has grown although women are still underrepresented. Former corporate executive and cannabis advocate Dasheeda Dawson will hopefully bolster the ranks in that arena after her history-making moment in Times Square this coming New Year’s Eve. With her company The WeedHead, Ms. Dawson is the mind […]

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Despite abysmal drug war statistics, under new legislation and thanks to the budding legalized cannabis market, there are a few African-American entrepreneurs who are pioneering the sale of legalized marijuana.