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There’s a National Petition to Move Halloween to move to the last Saturday in October, so it can be celebrated on a weekend.

The petition has about 1,800 signatures, with a goal of 2,500.

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. There’s a National Petition to move Halloween. Should It be moved to the last Saturday in October or remain on 10/31? (via IG & Twitter @drejohnson1 @92qjamsbmore)

denise_darkbeauty NO it should not!!!! But…..WHYYYYY THO? OMG why does someone want to always change something that has always been the same?????? THIS has baffles me!

savannah.morae For what tho there’s no point it’s been the same for decades now someone gotta problem with it

iam_awoman What! Some ppl have nothing better to do with their life

chucky_chaser If they going to change the date of Halloween then give us 31 days of black history month every year @92qjamsbmore

rollinswagg_sounds Move it. 1st It’s not a holiday lol. 2 A lot of people work Monday to Friday. 3 bars and any stories we don’t own can make more money.

ucankissmyjas What’s the point they won’t change any other holiday so no

edonearth Don’t mess up a good thing

mrsraimih That’s because idiots don’t know the meaning behind Halloween. It comes from all hallows eve, which is the night before all saints day. It’s not actually about dressing up in costume and trick or treating

shesycho Whaaaaaat 🙄 they worried about all the wrong things.

lady_gemini_08 Its wouldn’t be a bad idea….kids would be able to actually go trick or treating adults would be able to attend festivities having Halloween on a Saturday would make things easier….considering the fact that’s it’s a made up holiday and you don’t get no time off…why not change it….thanksgiving is like that anyway

lopezlopez.2006 Nope I wouldn’t change it



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