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Police tape cordons off the crime scene

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#10OclockTopic: Should the person recording a shooting, assault or any type of crime be held responsible also because they did nothing to prevent the crime from happening?


The Today Show sat down with bystander Feidin Santana days after witnessing a North Charleston, South Carolina police officer gun down 50 year old, unarmed black man (Walter Scott). Today Show anchor Matt Lauer asked the tough questions:

Here is what you had to say on social media:

dj_bbs_hot443Yes indeed it a free world #sotheysay

piscean.beautyNo. I’m not putting my self in harms way to help somebody. Me recording a video is help enough. How much help can I be if they kill or beat me too?
piscean.beautyRecording the situation can get you killed for real.
ricks_est1990I say yes because it so much that can be prevented in that time frame and people think its funny when its not its said and as black people we need to stop all the nonsense and get our lives together our kids are dying bye the day and its just so sad that parents are losing they lives out here like that @justkikibrown
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