Tom Brady’s parenting has come under attack in the recent two weeks because he wants to share some affection. When did sharing some love to your child become a problem. In a recent picture posted by the football GOAT Tom Brady, he’s seen kissing his son on the back of his neck while his son […]

Is Tom Brady really done? Today has been a HUGE breaking news moment for the sports world. ESPN push notifications alerted the world that Tom Brady is retiring. However, hours later after the thank you post and the commemorative post started to circulate Tom Brady’s agent and Tom’s father Tom Sr. all made it known […]

For the first time in 22 years, it looks like Tom Brady will not take the field as a Quarterback in the NFL. Details inside.

Tom Brady took the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to their second NFL title and first in 18 years. This was the first team to play the big game at home. Brady made his seventh title despite moving to a new team and conference. He earned his fifth Super Bowl MVP award and the 43-year-old broke his […]

Another day, another one of Donald Trump's insanely rich buddies receiving loans they do not need.

As a football fan, last night was probably the best Super Bowl I’ve ever seen. From the crazy comeback to it being the first ever overtime Super Bowl. From Julio Jones and Julian Edelman’s awesome catches to the bad ass pick 6 by Robert Alford. This Super Bowl was amazing. And then there’s Brady. Now […]

NFL star Martellus Bennett proved that he’s totally woke following his team’s victory against the Atlanta Falcons at the Super Bowl. According to Brandon George of the Dallas Morning News, the New England Patriots tight end told reporters that he will decline the invite from Donald Trump when the team visits the White House to be […]

When sports columnist Bill Simmons debuted his new HBO Series, Any Given Wednesday, this week, Ben Affleck's rant was pretty eventful, but Barkley didn't let him steal all the shine. Charles Barkley has always been critical of LeBron James and even though he's got three rings, he's still not in Barkley's top five NBA players of all time.

Tom Brady will have to serve that four-game suspension for his involvement in Deflategate, after all.

If something bad happens in pop culture, the Michael Jordan crying face is here to make a joke out of it.

The good, the bad, the ugly, and every questionable moment.

A judge said that the NFL process is unfair to players and Tom Brady got the deal he wanted because of the system. The judge that heard the case said the NFL Commissioner can not be the judge and jury so it was ruled that the NFL practices were not fair to players. See why […]