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Tom Brady

Source: Maddie Meyer / Getty

Is Tom Brady really done? Today has been a HUGE breaking news moment for the sports world. ESPN push notifications alerted the world that Tom Brady is retiring. However, hours later after the thank you post and the commemorative post started to circulate Tom Brady’s agent and Tom’s father Tom Sr. all made it known that he has not made his decision. He will be the person to announce his retirement if and when he makes that decision.

22 Years, 7 Rings, 2 Teams. If this is the end, he’s had one hell of a ride. However, the Buccaneers General Manager has also spoken out saying, “Tom has not informed the organization that his what he has decided to do.” Now Tom’s contract ends this year. So he could be done or he could make another run at another ring.

One things for certain if he does retire, we know we will hear it from Tom Brady himself first to believe it.