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Tank has once again caused quite a stir for the rigid-minded sexual beings of the world.

The singer recently went on Angela Yee‘s podcast “Lip Service” and the topic of men having oral sex with other men came up. During the discussion, Tank gave an example of a guy giving head to another guy:

“He sucked a di** once, and then he’s like, ‘I’m not sure if I liked it or not. Let me try it again.’ And then he says, ‘You know what, it’s not for me. Don’t like the taste,’ see what Im saying?”

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Tank concluded by saying, “It doesn’t mean he’s gay, it means he sucked di** twice.”

Naturally, the homophobic delegates of Twitter and Instagram weren’t happy with Tank’s comments.

One user wrote, “The ni**a tank is a f*g no if ands or buts about it.”

Another person wrote, “Tank is gay & anyone who agrees with him is gayer.”

Clearly, some folks didn’t take the time to watch the whole interview where Tank talked about his many sexual experiences with women and how he pleases his wife. They just went straight to “gay.”

But along with the homophobia came the rigid ideas about sexuality spewed by people who don’t consider themselves homophobic.

One Twitter user wrote, “Tank is gay. No I don’t have anything against gays but there’s just no way a straight man is gonna go suck some penis to see if he like it, sir what?” 

Some folks couldn’t wrap their head around men having a sexual experience with another man and not being labeled gay. All other sexual preferences on the spectrum — whether that be heterosexuality, bisexuality, pansexuality or any form of queerness — were quickly erased.

It’s unfortunate because contrary to some people’s belief, this tendency to only label people as “straight” or “gay” is still under the umbrella of homophobia. It leaves no room for two consenting adults to explore pleasure in different ways that might be linked to someone of your shared gender. A man cannot explore oral sex with another man or explore dildo play with his women without the fear of being labeled “gay” right from the start.

On top of all this, folks haven’t even considered the huge industry of gay-for-pay male sex workers who identify as straight but get paid to have sex with other men. Meanwhile, women can have sex with other women for the male erotic gaze and folks can better digest the possibility that these women still identify as straight.

Same old homophobic, patriarchal B.S.

Tank isn’t tripping though. He continues to be an ally to the queer community, particularly the gay men community. He responded to all the hoopla around his “Lip Service” video in an Instagram clip, explaining:

“I said what I said, ya’ll so godd*mn homophobic. You got to watch the whole clip. In any event, homophobia is real, let me just tell you that. It’s just as real as racism, classism, all these things, and just as damaging. And it plagues our community the worst. This can’t be used as a negative. You can’t use a human being’s existence as a negative. We’re going through enough sh**.”

You can check out his full reaction below:

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