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Source: Robin Akinwale WERQ FM / Robin Akinwale

Most people have jobs that in America the have them sitting all day long. That is not a healthy thing for the human body because it’s not a natural position for the body to be in. You can hurt your heart and hurt all of your hard work from exercising. Sitting all day everyday can shorten your life!

Do you have a desk job? Sitting at a desk all day can be hazardous to your health. Sitting is not natural for humans who were designed to be on the move. However, it is estimated that 86% of American workers sit all day. On top of that, most sit when they get home from work. In total, Americans sit 13 hours per day and sleep for another 8. This means that for 21 hours a day, they are sedentary. Sitting has even been referred to as the new “smoking,” in terms of the damage it does to health and wellbeing.

More people are sitting in their leisure time than ever before as well. Labor saving devices like remote controls, computers and even drive through services are making Americans very, very sedentary and sick.

This problem has led to what has been coined “Sitting Disease.” and refers to metabolic syndrome and the problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle. The American Medical Association has adopted a policy that recognizes the dangers of prolonged sitting and encourages employers and employees to explore options to sitting for long periods of time.

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