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For more than a year, the MTA knew Baltimore’s subway tracks violated safety standards before the emergency shutdown last week.

According to the Baltimore Sun, 17 of the Metro’s turns were deemed to be “deteriorated to the point where no train movement is allowed” in a November 2016 evaluation. But the trains continued running for more than a year in anticipation of track replacement scheduled for this summer.

MTA Administrator Kevin Quinn said, “Our riders were never in any danger.”

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What are your thoughts? (ig & twitter @drejohnson1 @92qjamsbmore):

Monique Johnson They were waiting for a lawsuit

Tabitha Mccoy Ain’t no question that they knew. It would shutdown in the tunnel every morning inside of the tunnel and I would be late for school. They definitely knew.

Michael J Thb Just goes to show, Money before Safety…..Their priorities vary depending on the zip code it reflects.

lorbrova_ Smh risking all those lives

dalife4eva I’m just trying to understand do they realize the danger they put people in just to not spend money the ends doesn’t justify the means

britttanyyy___ Irresponsible. Inconsiderate. Unfair

meechmeech85 Someone needs to be penalized with a fine or fired. They are playing with people’s lives

_ha_ra__ I’m not surprised at all ! This city is just disappointing

aboutmycheck City of thieves

worm_3300 We all knew that! Damn metro system hasn’t been close in years for repairs why is this so shocking?

lovetruth Not surprised- this is Mobtown

21basemeel Got to stop trying to cut corners and really invest in a city we thinks worth living in. All it’s doing is piling up more stuff that should’ve been done right in the first place

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