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A teacher 29-year-old was arrested for striking an 11-year-old male student in the midsection at Waverly Elementary/Middle School.

According to Baltimore Police, it happened after “some sort of issue” with the student, who was reportedly crying and banging on the desk before the assault.

The State’s Attorney’s Office was notified and charges were filed against Branch for custodial child abuse and second degree assault.

Taurean Branch is currently on administrative leave, pending Baltimore City Police’s investigation into the incident.

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. The other day a teacher at Waverly Elementary/Middle was arrested for hitting an 11-year-old student. How do you feel about teachers physically disciplining your child? via IG & Twitter @drejohnson1 @92qjamsbmore

indtrsis85 No excuse if you can’t handle the child get another teacher. Now most likely he wont be able to teach again. It’s not worth it

dreamfirst_realitysecond I won’t hit no ones child but if the parents only knew how their children behave while in school , I’m a substitute at a high school and the mouths on these children , it’s like apart of their language where I believe the speak and act this way at home , but as much as you want to yoke them up , I look as these children are me babies and I’m here to help teach and protect them , and most of them come to school for just that. If you feel the need to raise your hand at a 11-year-old , come try that with one of these high school kids they push you but it’s never to the point where you have to hit a child, it’s not the job for you it’s a lot dealing with children that are not your own but never hit them.

desi4018 You can’t comment until you see the whole story. People quick to judge a teacher but nobody wanna shift the responsibility to the parent or child. Teachers go through wars in the classroom every day. Spend their own money, play psychologist, therapist, mentor, father/mother, grade papers, stay extra hours and not get paid, take crap from oblivious parents, just to come to school to get disrespected. And don’t give me that “That’s a part of the job. Deal with it.” BS. Teachers wanna teach, not be a UFC referee. Some kids need special help and don’t belong in a school. They keep shutting down schools and piling kids in with rival schools. What you expect?! I’m not saying he should have hit the child…but I understand.

spects I’m sure there’s more to this allegation. The sad thing is that it got to this point. I’m sure signs were present earlier.

1black_lace Listen the parents know how their kids behave. I’m sure they have experience some level of defiance at home. So, what make people think their kids aren’t misbehaving while not being in their presence? Especially wit on lookers (other students) whom may be encouraging the bs even more? One of my sons gets off at school and every time they call I came and he get dealt with! And as long as dad and I co-parent effectively it’s no escaping being held accountable.

fee_baby_O gosh these children are lost in the sauce no discipline at home no respect for adults when their not home he should have walked away from the little person but he didn’t 😩🥊👌🏾👂🏾

lady.jaykeepcalm I am sorry but when I was going up the teachers had permitted from the parents to discipline the students…I remember there was time kids was afraid to get that call from school from your teacher because you knew one you butt was getting another beating from either mom, dad,auntie for whomever address the phone…these kids today have no respect and because they are raised by generation in which is still trying to grow up too.. it all starts at home and in the community…being back the good old days and not this I am going to call cps days

millierock__@riri_love_206 reasons why I couldn’t be a damn teacher 🤜🏾👊🏾

marzkeyz Them children are horrible! For one day y’all go be teachers for day🤔I discipline my son 💯many parents aka friends with children don’t! That’s the issue🤔children with these behavior issues are terrible

princebabymichael@dreamfirst_realitysecond i was sped sub for eight years. I can’t take it anymore. The kids are getting worse and the younger ones are disrespectful Too.This will be my last year.

justlikealotus7.20@desi4018 Thank you!!! I teach as well. It is not easy at all! People are always quick to judge us, but never take on responsibility of being a parent. We go through hell daily. You try teaching 28+ children daily. 28+ different personalities. Not including the children with IEP’s or any other behavioral disorder. So to those who always have something to say😒 please come and do our job or try doing your job as a parent. Teach your child or children some respect! There is always home schooling. Bet y’all won’t do that😒

its_tifph He didn’t hit him. He placed hands on him to move him in the direction of the mess he (the student) made AFTER asking the student to do so. It was reported that the student entered his classroom with a beverage. The teacher asked him to dispose of it. Instead, the student poured it out on the floor. Wen asked to clean it up, the student refused. The teacher grabbed him and pushed him towards the floor as if to signal him to clean it up. Of course the rest of the class had cell phones and it was recorded. My mom was an educator in Baltimore city for 34 years. The relationship that exists between students and teachers has changed drastically!! The student was absolutely wrong!!!!! Doesn’t make the teachers actions right, but neither were the students.




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