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In a video that is spreading fast on social media, a New York City woman recorded herself berating a young man selling candy on the subway. She yelled, “No fucking candy in this cart today. We don’t want no candy.”

It’s hard to tell if this woman is being serious or playing. But she knows she’s wrong for knocking these kids’ hustle. She was apparently so fed up with being solicited with Snickers bars that she had to confront and record the young entrepreneurs:

“Talking ’bout, “I’m out here doin this for my school. I don’t wanna get in trouble. You not taking my money buying no fuckin’ sour. I’m not buying nothing. You lil niggas don’t even go to school… You lying. You bout to go get a loud pack. Some Henny, some lean. No fucking candy on this train,” she says.

When the teen took out his phone and began recording the woman, she only went harder.

Was this outburst pre-meditated or off the cuff? Has this anger been festering in her soul for weeks? Or did she just snap after a bad day?

The woman tagged in the video is @BKTidalWave_DominicanPrincess, who famously called out ISIS last year.

If this was all just to get more traffic for her outrageous videos, you can’t knock her hustle, either.

VIDEO SOURCE: Twitter, Instagram

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