It is with heavy hearts that we report the passing of viral sensation Antwain Fowler also known as TJ  at the young age of 6 years old. 

On Wednesday (Mar.25), Deion Broxton, a reporter for KTVM-TV in Butte, Montana, shared a video of himself reporting from Yellowstone National Park. In the clip, you quickly see his attention shifts when he notices the park's local wildlife, in this case, a group of curious bison making their way towards him.

A Black mother is going viral after video shows her taking scissors to her daughter’s braids because another stylist braided her hair. The little girl screams and cries as her beads, and what looks like added hair, fall to the ground. “I don’t care. I do her hair,” the mother yells. It’s jarring. According to […]

We are nearing the end of 2019 and it’s the time where everyone recaps the best moments of the year. Memes have definitely taken over social media through the decade and 2019 had it’s share of some pretty funny memes. Check out the best memes of 2019!

A viral video posted mid-week allegedly featured Pastor David E. Wilson performing some, ahem, mouth work on a woman and it made its rounds all through social media. The Texarkana, Texas preacher has been in his profession for 40 years and it isn’t completely clear why the sex tape was made public as of yet. […]

Damn, BeatKing‘s antics done got him banned in three different states?! The Club God sits down with the Madd Hatta Morning Show to explain once and for all how the #CucumberChallenge started, why he creates different types of music for his fanbases, how he considers himself one of the pioneers of injecting club energy in the […]

Now I know from personal experience that your pets can become like one of your family members but now this is taking it to another (strange) level. A British woman named Elizabeth Hoad went on tv and decided to commit to spending the rest of her life with her best friend who happens to be […]

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Every once in a while, the internet can be a beautiful place and not just ground zero for drama. A video of a producer by the name of DJ Track Addict making its rounds on Twitter set him up with an opportunity of a lifetime to work with Meek Mill. Wednesday (July 17) the video […]

To beat or not to beat your child? That is the question. But this latest situation poses another level of questioning, if you do beat your child, why post it on social media? And when does it become abuse? A father is going viral after footage shows him beating what appears to be his preteen […]

You can always count on the internet to come up with some sort of challenge to pique our interest. The latest one to take social media by storm is the #bottlecapchallenge — where those who partake try to unscrew the cap of a bottle with a roundhouse kick — and numerous celebs have taken part […]

  The place that is usually called the most wonderful place on earth took a scary turn for many over the 4th of July holiday weekend when a violent fight between a family at Disneyland in California. Get Breaking News & Exclusive Contest in Your Inbox:   The video was taken at Mickey’s Toontown on Saturday, […]

A video of a young girl licking the top of an ice cream container then placed in back in a store freezer went viral and sparked quite a bit of outrage in some. Now that the mystery is coming to closure, it’s being reported that the unidentified San Antonio, Texas girl will not face adult […]