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Would you ever think of leaving your mate because he or she gained a lot of weight?

Mekea Shanea Understand, it IS hard to perform oral sex when he has a gut. I recommend using your head to hold up his gut, thus both hands are free. Lol

Derik Leonard No love is love

Tashia Smith I loved him when he was skinny and still love him after he put on weight… Shit, I’m no size 10 my damn self…

Tammy T Sapp Nope, love is love. If they gained too much weight affecting their health then I am leaving to get us gym gear and membership together

whthershey209 No. u love someone for them. Accept them for them

itztaye If you truly love someone you love all of them. Beauty and weight are minor things when you are in love with someone.

blacklivesmatter_scorpion Yessss! Those eye’s. So off topic but what ever. Nope I’m staying regardless.

bigsmoresbaby23 NO

urstrulyd No. The weight shouldn’t matter because you should have fallen in love with what was on the inside and not the outside. But in other news you are very handsome @drejohnson1

goddess1027 Definitely not! No one should ever be with a person only for their appearance. If you feel your mate is unhealthy then you talk to them and help them get back to a healthy lifestyle but leaving isn’t an option.

phbaby I wouldn’t leave we would workout together

konan5200 Hell yeah I let em KNO from the door certain weight reached according to ur height I’m gone 😂😂

bigsnowflake1 No because once you fall in love .you are in love with the person not their appearance.

candykane691 I fell out of love due to his appearance. He just totally gave up on his self.

imperfectly_focused No because i would work out with them 💕 love is through thick and thin ! realize everyone gets old sometimes out of shape not even a bad b**ch ass with implants stay phat !

natural_beauty3570 I would stop them b4 they even get to a certain weight definitely work out with them and help them eat healthy we would change our lifestyle together

njn1959 Together #forever

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