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Dre’s ‪#‎nightcap‬.. How would you rate ‪#‎Baltimore‬’s dating scene on a scale of 1-10? ‪#‎TheZonewithDreJohnson‬

Charles Smith I don’t know what to say about this question. Does Baltimore even have a dating scene? I would rate it 5.5..and that’s being nice…it ended when Harbor Park Movies closed…ijs

Leroy Wolfgang Harrison Ha it’s wack if you find that right person you better hold on because your next good relationship could take years to go. So I’ll give it a 3

djgetrich -3 lol just kidding

justkissmybeauty 1

whthershey209 1. Dating in Baltimore and dating in other cities are totally different. Chivalry is definitely dead in bmore.

arketa_buttercup_davis Lol 😂 I just listened to it on the radio about an hr ago. About the dating scene should be for the teens even tho im 18 bout to be 19 years old soon, but every teen should listen about dating. Now a days young girls will go out with any boy and not knowing does the boy has Aids, Hiv, STDs or any other type of diseases. Also girls should be careful of who they go out with and so call them their boyfriends or baes because they do not want to go through abusively relationship

bjewelzfashioncc Dating in BMore requires females to carry themselves like ladies and reinforce to males that they deserve and require all the love and respect to be treated like a lady

prettytomboi A damn 0

londynn_bridge 0

king_darrius4100 you can’t even speak to some of these females without them thinking you trying to holla

dobesings 1

scholarsimmons Lol

sunnii_kisses25 0

ther_album 2

_drena_da_brat – it’s just negative

the_attractive1 1

dre_amira_my_life 0

1derwoman2u 0 as far as men my age (50) they claim my walk alone is intimidating but men 30-45 Hell if I said yes, I’d have a new man everyday for 6months at least and for the record I’m not “Intimidating” I’m “Confident”

yaycruz Boo👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 I’ve been out of the scene for minute but I always felt that #bmoreMen were not trying to be a bf or a husband. Jus baby daddy’s. It was refreshing to meet someone from out-of-state that was cool, up front w his feelings, no games… & he is now my husband😜

marcella50000 I date out-of-state…

big.mike92  -1 lmfao that’s a dead mission bro

moon_in_the_day_tv You can get anything you want good girl bad girl Woman working non working It’s about what you want out of life educated uneducated strong whatever you want college non college government workers business owners and then you have the option of Washington DC Delaware Virginia Jersey I mean you got so many options and the world is so big for you in Baltimore

chemical_deej I would say 0

antoniohall447 I rate bore dating a #5 if u ant got 420 tina or money just to get sex then nobody game to date and get to know you it’s all about the mighty Dollar and a quick high.

alexisbrittnay 0

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