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Synthetic Marijuana, Or K2, Use On The Rise In New York City

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Dre’s ‪#‎nightcap‬.. #420 Edition!! Non-smokers– Can you be with someone who smokes weed? Smokers– Could you stop smoking weed for the one you love? ‪#‎thezone‬

Toiya Best Nope I can’t stand the smell of that stuff so I most definitely can’t be with someone who smokes weed. I don’t need to catch any contacts….lol Heyyyyy Dreeee!!!

Steven L Green Naw I can’t do it I sleep with a humidifier every night

Brigitte Blake Nope… Don’t want it around me…. And it bother’s my allergies… IF THE MAN CARED ANYTHING ABOUT ME .. HE WOULD UNDERSTAND!!! Ijs😁

whthershey209 Absolutely. I like to drink. I wouldn’t want someone to judge me on what I do. Now if u were an addict of another sort then I would have a problem with that unless it was sex addict. Know.

mizzsagittarius_1211 Nope if they love me they would understand I couldn’t live without it 😂😂 Hey Dre happy 420 💨💨💨

prettyblack_mariah Whoever was just on the phone e couldn’t tell her name bc she a side chick 😂😂😂😂 she already knew she was and ain’t want to get beat up 😩 (no I don’t know her)

candykane691 No second-hand smoke

alicialashay88 I’ve never met anyone who smokes weed who has amazing hygiene … And hygiene is big for me .. So idk 👀

royalcash_hustle Sh** i smoke and i always make sure im smelling good and right even my pac smell good loo. Bammas just nasty that’s all. Dont take pride in their selves

im__his_queen_mrsgreen Well yeah an no my husband don’t smoke or drink but I do but he respect it an I respect him by not doing it around our kids an him but I hate cigarettes don’t smoke them @drejohnson1

mzislandbreeze Ewww no !!!! I can’t & won’t…keep it #nothanks

0fucksgiven_ I definitely stopped smoking for me & my family. My boyfriend really opened my eyes & I started thinking even though my kids don’t see my smoke why would I won’t them smelling that soon as they wake up & all day not a good look

killerbees09 Yes I was with a smoker 4 nine years

shauwntae No I couldn’t …I hate the smell and how it smell on their breath and plus it get in my weave lol

a1tyesha I can’t have a dude who smoke cigarettes but I’m okay with someone who smokes marijuana even though I don’t smoke

_iam_meganburch_ No straight up.😆