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Prince Georges County Corrections Officers Wear Bodycams

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Should ‪#‎Baltimore‬ City School Police wear body camera’s?


Keisha Henson Yes indeed gm dre

Pat Bush-Johnson Yep to protect them as well as the students

Dwayne Torain Absolutely necessary in these times.

Robert Kelly Cameras or no cameras that coward cop should be booked and fired for what he did. And the cop who watched it should be suspended without pay on not stopping it. Cameras are no good if they can cut them on and off when they chose to..

Ant Moe Yes sir

Kevin Boardley Yes

Chereese Barrett Yesss to protect the officer and the people they come in contact with.

Shamica Banks Yes they should then u will have the whole story not just what ppl want u to see

Timeka Wright Yup,u can’t get the whole story…gm

Jemar Jerry McCoy Yes for their and the students

wellingtonparkog Yea and they shouldn’t be in the schools with guns either

djbuckalew Every cop should wear one the problem is everywhere not just the city

princesssshaw Gm Of course there cops too

tonybaltimore17 Yes – Just to stay consistent with the BPD! Every law enforcement official should wear one to protect themselves, as well as others

juicysweety In my opinion it doesn’t make a difference…every pokuce infraction is usually caught on camera and still majority of the time there is still no accountability

photographybyoap The reality is how does Baltimore City intend to fund this project. The district can’t even provide some schools with basic supplies needed for everyday instruction.

juicysweety Police*

_siriam_ Yes, so that these kids parents could see how their child(ren) act in school.

shawn_2k16 in my opinion i think they should wear it to protect them and other people

latrobe_beani F**k yea look at what that one school police did to that kid in how the other just stood there let u kno that s**t been going on it just got caught on camera this time#Rs

urbaninformer I agree they should wear them as well @drejohnson1 @latrobe_beani