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Downtown Baltimore

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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Fill in the blank. ‪#‎Baltimore‬ is a good place to ______?


Kevin Boardley To watch the Baltimore Ravens and orioles

Rashawn Thompson To catch a STD

Tyice Pulliam Move away from

Renee’ Scott-Richardson If they wasnt killing like it was open season.

Ash Bambi Brewton Try to help the youth stay out the streets and stop the killing one another!

Chanel Foreman Visit

Sharbett Morton For good crab cakes, and crabs..

Raydiva Oneal To get banked on the bus by some 14 yr girls wearing pink lipstick and Malaysian hair

Raydiva Oneal Old drug dealers to buy a bar and try to start a new life

Timeka Wright Visit,learn from

Erika Fox To see endless blocks and neighborhoods of vacant homes

Johnny Doswell Live

courtneysongz Network

dtdwindowtinting Eat Seafood

airjc1 Find cheap housing

tonybaltimore17 Learn life’s lessons

urs_truly4life Enjoy the Inner Harbor in the Summer Months

djkidking Find a hater

latricesmith5 To have family day on sundays💖💞💖💞

_ryolo_ EAT

ybrown5 See crack heads

pnutz169 Die… because we’re killing each other off their acting like black labs don’t matter

kingbear1 To move from @drejohnson1

mseyecandyyy Find crime smh

viva_la_fitzy Find a half and half or to just stay in the house.

i_am_legend83 @drejohnson1 to eat crabs , become a local rapper , get a chicken box , pick up a totally new language or slang etc etc lol gm bro #early

glennrogersjr Invest in income properties. Baltimore is a GOLD mine

anitahandy To Wake Up In The Morning Giving God The Glory First And Then Jam Off Of 92.Q While Getting Ready For Work 😉 @drejohnson1

iamdjbunk @drejohnson1 get shot at🔫

mekeashanea_ladieemifudntknwme Crab mutha fu**** cakes! Damn it man! Mmmm. Mmmm. Good! I’ve had them at Boston, Atl, Geneva NY (Upstate), Orlando, New Orleans and they nasty as…. -_- …. Ijs. #HometownBiologistFromTheHood #SomethingGoodComesFromtheHood #NPulaskiBaltimoreFayettePleaseStandUp

cathy_luv_bigdog_aka_b Eat crabs lol

professordexp Go to strip clubs

itzmezu1u #baltimore is a good place to watch the Baltimore ravens eat seafood and good party city

lopezlopez.2006 Party🎉🎉 @92qjamsbmore good morning Dre…

q_mc_lovin Eat crabs while listening to @damondblue #baltimore

spicy_scorpio82 Eat!!! Experience different restaurants: Fancy,Well known, Mom n Pop, Hidden Gems etc… @92qjamsbmore

1418origina To be celibate, cuz these broads crazy as hell!

nine.twenty.six Baltimore is a good place to dance thats what they known for #clubMusic

coolin_321 Baltimore is a good place to EAT. Bmore has amazing food from Mos who has the best surf and turf to Bluemoon who has the best caption crunch French toast. Being a New Yorker I never knew how many jewels bmore had. Also check out the IBar, Jimmys, Golden Dragon, Akbar, Little Havanas and NICKS just to name a few. It’s an amazing city! @92qjamsbmore

thundercatjay To mess your car up with the broken streets

juicywet4aj To move from here and its beyond here might not be a 3rd world country. But we runners up!!




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