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Imposing architecture of the Baltimore City Hall, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Source: Danita Delimont / Getty

Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. For the first time in decades, the City Council is expected to override the Mayor’s veto to create a $30 million youth fund for ‪#‎Baltimore‬. What are your thoughts?


Trina Whoelsebutme Selden A good show and I applaud their decision. Gm Dre!!

Donald M Davis I say good.. I don’t think Rawlings Blake ever understood the importance of recs and programs to help these kids stay out of trouble. ..

Terrence Teel its a very subtle attempt to show the current mayor her credibility is losing momentum.

Cookie Carroll YES

Rashida Martin Awesome!

henrygannett It sounds like a good idea, but what is a youth fund and how will it affect the city’s budget?

urbaninformer We definitely need to see how it will affect the city’s budget. However, if it will allow some of these youth centers to be reopened and managed, why not?

i_am_legend83 man all they doing is trying to shuffle the money around for personal use of taxpayers funds don’t be blinded by these white-collar criminals gm bro @drejohnson1 #Early

cristalonair These kids need something to do…..I’m glad they are standing up for them…..

joelgamblefoundation If we don’t touch the youth now we’ve lost the battle for our future in Baltimore City. We must engage our youth with positive activities, jobs, and mentorship !!

arielaaa_renee It better go towards some college tuitions

arielaaa_renee Reconstruction of parks and playgrounds and community centers

arielaaa_renee And create summer jobs