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Synthetic Marijuana, Or K2, Use On The Rise In New York City

Source: Spencer Platt / Getty

Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Lawmakers discussed a bill that would make smoking weed in public a civil offense & in a vehicle a misdemeanor charge in ‪#‎Maryland‬. What are your thoughts?


KarlettaBeautiful Drake Oh know they need to make it legal in Maryland it would cut some of the crime down.

sirlouisgreen I thought it has been passed

whthershey209 I think they should’ve already had it legalized it’s a natural grown herb that is legal in many countries so why not just legalize it and call it a day

mr_wonder28 Less crime

thebambouvenue @whthershey209 it’s all about that money. They wanna tax it but don’t know how. The question they asking themselves is how can we tax this when they can grow it themselves. Until then it’s gonna be illegal but they gonna make money by citing you

i_am_legend83 @drejohnson1 thats good because they need to focus on major crimes instead of being petty about some mary j. lol gm bro #Early

whthershey209 @thebambouvenue I totally agree

sterl_world Hey won’t that defeat the whole purpose of decriminalizing marijuana

mickmickisback All the ish going on in Baltimore & they’re worried about someone smoking weed in their car…I need them to get a hobby & leave folks alone #early @drejohnson1

i_am_legend83to be honest most politicians smoke weed too but they wont come right out and say it tho

lol @drejohnson1

djdeelamont I’m buying stock in Funions and other snacks cause everybody walking around with the munchies if this passes.

420sleep_ig Whats good Dre…man people smoke cigarettes and drink in public…some areas are worse, In San Francisco people smoking rocks.