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Smiling Snowman in Mountains near Ischgl, Austria

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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. What are thoughts on people taking the snow challenge?



Darlene Thgreatleodiva Brown Gm this was the most dumbest challenge ever. .it was a damn blizzard anyone could got hurt and with the impact of the snow how was paramedics going to get to them..dummy

Keisha Henson I think those who have done this challenge have serious mental issues. What was the purpose? To get likes and attention smmfh just sad. If you did this, you need to have a real seat and reevaluate your whole life ijs smh gm dre

Charles Smith The snow challenge? No, who’s the most dumbass stupid challenge. Putting your health at risk doesn’t scream challenge….it screams No common sense…then to do it butter ball naked and post it on social media is delusional.

kdh28_ When u mix social media and idle minds. U get stupidity at its finest.

cristalonair CRAZY AS HELL

finallyhappi89 Its a fun idea but be smart about it some shorts and a tank top will suffice all that naked stuff is just people not thinking straight and also not realizing that you can get very sick making such foolish decisions

infinityadormi Do book challenge #challengethemind

comediantiffanydicks my thoughts are this, don’t let social media convince you to follow trends that will make you regret it. in MY opinion its dumb

king3180 Just crazy fam, good morning

cocoa_chanellll I think it is pointless….

lady_inkedup_taurus__ Mannn, too each its own! I DID the snow challenge! Now, I didn’t do it naked, some people just take things too far! Bottom line, its snow, you can’t go nowhere, might as well have some fun with it! Like I put on my status on FB, majority of chicks stand outside waiting in a line, half-naked every weekend waiting to get in the club. So ummm…. anyway I miss your face Dre, have an AWESOME day 😉

flowsuniquely4u I wasnt going in it cause I hate snow but to each their own like

@lady_inkedup_taurus__  said and I actually enjoyed the videos it made me laugh and entertained me throughout the weekend. People have been in worst situations and haven’t caught even a cold people just need to relax and enjoy life cause tomorrow isn’t promised.

calisweet04 It’s dumb! People don’t realize how sensitive the human body is until somebody is laid up or dead. No one is invincible


The Mayor Says The City Is More Prepared Than Ever For This Blizzard

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