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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Name something that keeps you sane at work?


Cristal Lee YOU LOL

Tavon Davis Being on the road everyday and focusing on my thoughts and goals! No boss hovering over me

Shebretta Sheridan Pandora

Mike Savage God is everything without him nothing is possible #AMEN

Cj Nickens My pay check

Leslie Alston My “WHY’ I started in my business keeps me hustlin and grinding when people doesn’t want to work, when people are sleeping. holidays, etc. My “WHY” is passing my business to my Son.

singletonnewman@drejohnson1 I like Monster energy drinks to keep me up. My coworkers say I laugh a lot when I drink one lol

_art_of_moe Coffee and trap music!!

urbaninformer For me, it’s snacks! If I get hungry, everyone can cancel Christmas lol

leemania_ Vitamin water/coffee and slim jims

selfmademikegeezy Goodmorning big bro Dre eating that good old coffee cake n lemon tea as soon as i get in the work office lol

jahfariibeads @drejohnson1 my beads 😂😂😂

whthershey209 Hmm my red bull and my music

cristalonair @urbaninformer You forgot chap stick lol

closeuprdy My students keep me sane… It’s the adults/staff that make you want to SNAP, CRACKLE and POP-OFF up in that bioootch!

driver_nation Remember why I work so hard… #kids

callmetrubmoravenfan Listening to music and Reese’s cups get me through the day

ashleybrewton My co workers keep me Sane at work, as well as food @drejohnson1 @drejohnson1

theycallmemizzsuga Looking at the precious pictures of my two-year old son Nemo which are hanging in my cubicle. I also like to gaze at pictures of my boyfriend because he is the love of my life and he keeps me motivated

flytmiles The students at Commadore John Rodgers and a coffee from Joes with 20 sugars…..have a great day #therepublicofgreatmen

eminor7b5 Marvel Contest of Champions .. I know y’all be playing that game too smh

eminor7b5 Netflix #nightshift

melanin7.20 @closeuprdy right lol…. Some of the students, but it’s those adults who act like children who drive me insane!!

clark.stark Minding my damn business…I wish more people would try to be as sane as me

lor_mamatelz My boyfriend and sour patches since I’m a mail carrier

sneakerfresh85 YouTube

marsmom_2  Minding my business while rocking out with my earbuds listening to my music 🎧 @drejohnson1

iamdjbunk @drejohnson1 for me, when I’m DJing, I drink a Dr Pepper before every gig

nairobiperry I need my 7 11 coffee with hazelnut creamer!!! I’m a stylist. So sometimes I don’t get a break til after 3pm!!

pray_boutall_worriedboutnothin Lots and lots and lots of PRAYER😀😀😀


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