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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. What are some of your biggest workplace pet peeves? @92qjamsbmore ‪#‎Baltimore‬


MrTerrence Teel office gossip!

Slim Thick People talking to me in the morning it be to early for conversation

Tanesha Butler Dirty microwave… Clean up after yourself… Smh

Karen Keepinitreal Johnson Talking loud over cubicles,and funky food in microwave!!!!!

Slim Thick Ppl taking my office supplies off my desk

Leah Jones On the work van at 3 am n ppl.want to be loud ugh

Toiya Best Too many to name

DoctorRell Bailey Side convo while I am on the phone talking real business. Go do some work.

Alicia Hynson People sneezing and coughing without covering up. O.M.G.

Dijonee’ BeautifullyIndependent Chester People who ALWAYS have to make the current conversation about them lol like sheesh

Shar D Black Chewing with their mouth open..

Lisa Miller I have plenty

Angela Owens When ppl ask what their child did, you tell them, and they smirk like spitting on other kids is acceptable. It makes my pisstivity level rise. You know you not gonna do anything so why did you ask?!

Rita Johnson People who “borrow” stuff of/ out of my desk w/o asking, and never bring it back. And the “refrigerator bandit”

LaShae White Eating lunch at the cubicle. When I come back from lunch I do not wanna smell all those mixtures of food.

Eva Honez People getting in my personal space. Like hovering over me while I’m on the computer. Respect the bubble people!!

mscarriebaby13 People talking on the phone with their mouth full!!

certified_joe People who sneeze and don’t cover their ish

cherokeeprince_montana_vlll People slacking on their job

mrs._7 When someone eats your homemade lunch out the fridge…uuuhhh 😡

brace_yourself327 Nosey Co workers!

callmetrubmoravenfan Leaving the microwave nasty and not cleaning up behind themselves

ms.mgr8 Heating their leftover fish in the community microwave. #cmonson

freshprince_27 Nasty supervisors with bad attitudes trying to talk down to ppl in positions under them. I don’t play that.

that_girl_tiaundra People coming to work sick spreading their germs to every body🙅🏾😷😷😷

bfac_ceo_jay@drejohnson1 coworkers that think they are the boss and also im an auto mechanic I hate when ppl stand over top of me let me work in peace sheesh gm bro #Early

closeuprdy The “supervisor” that’s not really a supervisor. #MyRealSupervisorIsOffToday #SitYourBrownNosingAssDown

ogtriple20 My Co workers have a tendency to start throwing people under the bus when they are in trouble with the bossman

jpslater1983 People coming to work looking like yesterday. Like yo do you wash up or change your cloths

foxytbaby_ When people who I don’t duck with email me on business and use my first name only in the greeting!!!! 😑 We ain’t friends!!!!! It’s Mrs, Randolph!!!!!

cash_coleman When micromanagers keep checking on you to see what you’re doing

missla93 Walking up to me while I’m on the phone trying to talk to me about something… 😒😤 DO YOU NOT SEE ME ON THE ☎️

the1andonly_meme@drejohnson1 u been at your job for over 5 years but yet u still don’t know how to do your job. U do the same every day.

_britt_nospears Smile in your face and tell your manager everything u say and do

teasebyladawn Adults that don’t know how to use an office bathroom 😩😩😩

no_meedy_oaker Chewing like a damn cow!!!!

blizz40 Ppl who complain about their job but don’t even do any work.. smh!

arciusjr When someone aint brush their teeth but want to be in your face about a project

ms585ny@missla93 I can definitely relate to you. @_britt_nospears especially when they don’t know they are talking about.

tae_boogie92 Ashy lips or ankles just know if I seem them I’m cracking on you all day 😂😂😂

iseethebeautyinit People not washing their hands. Blowing up the bathroom. Talking loud so everyone can hear their conversion. Always saying they are ready to leave. Always putting themselves in a conversion when no one asked them. I can go on and on….

ms585ny People who ear hustle on your phone conversation to try to figure out if it’s work related or personal so they can run & tell the manager.

grinding4betterdayz Unappreciated employees


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