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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Name one thing your neighbor has done to ‪#‎annoy‬ you?



Keisha Henson Put their trash out Monday evening knowing we have rats the size of cats around here and just feeding them smh also throwing their trash halfway in my can making my front look bad. I think they moved yesterday God willing

Etosha Price Parked her car in two spaces!

imjustkrisy Talk too Damn much😩😩😩

urbaninformer Nothing yet but it’s still early lol

babygirl7275 @drejohnson1 they turn the water on and off in the shower every 5 seconds!!!

itzmezu1u Loud kids

ms585ny Nothing at all I have great neighbors on both sides of me.

whthershey209 Walking all around like they 599 pounds, knocking on ur door asking u for shit like sugar, parking in ur parking space…this list could go on and on.

og_mac73 Putting chairs out to claim a parking spot, and it hasn’t been one flake of snow yet #OnlyInBmore

1sickcharger Double parking like they only ones that live around here so I get em towed call me “PETTY Labelle” gm bro #Early

kenya_socialite_maven Nothing and they have 2 adolescent boys, so I’m surprised – I think they turn down the house by 9pm because I hear Not a damn thing – I’m a Night Person – They’re Day Walkers so it works out FINE

jpslater1983 Ask to hold my vacuum cleaner. Come man

iamdjbunk @drejohnson1 not cleaning the ally’s, over here in east Baltimore, the Down the Hill section, omg it’s like Afghanistan around here lol

freehandtez Mice, mice, mice and my roommate allergic to cats…. Smh

dvell_ Hang out the window to smoke a cigarette. Ghetto smh

i_wasbornforthis They fight every single morning for the past two years I’ve lived next to them

brwnsuga___ My neighbor has two pit bulls that stay outside all year-long, and bark all day/night!

ynot_ Oh don’t get me started, both neighbors on both sides of me run up & down the steps all day long like they in football practice

kuppykake1965 Play loud 🎶 ugghhh!! That sounds a mess!!

chocolatedropkimmy Take up two parking spaces just so u can’t park in front of your own house. Smh @92qjamsbmore

keesh029 On one side I have a junk yard neighbor who is disgusting. The other side the neighbors don’t respect your property. Not being respectful of how and where they park!

redlips_n_cosmosKnocked on my door since I work at her doctor’s office and the doctor hadn’t returned her call before we closed 😒

Michael Dixon Curse her husband out. ….in Spanish ll

Tanisha Perry Asked to run a cord/use my electricity since she couldn’t pay her bill, I told her “Hell No” u don’t even speak let alone u ain’t running my electric bill up!!

Slim Thick Knock on your door asking do I have sugar cooking oil a spoon I was like really bisshh



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