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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. According to a new survey, ‪#‎Baltimore‬ is voted 10th unfriendly city in America. Do you agree or disagree?


Tanaye Brooks I disagree Dre. I speak to people everyday. It doesn’t cost nothing to speak. Dre look at Chicago was listening to 95.9 431,murders this year alone. What did they rank at.

Tabby McKoy Agree … This city has no loyalty or respect for one or nuthn..

Tyras Banks Absolutely, you don’t realize until after traveling to other cities. In Baltimore nobody smiles. I will never stop to ask anyone questions or directions in Baltimore. In other cities people are noticeably more friendly and helpful

Charles Smith I agree with it being ranked number 10, which isn’t that bad. However, cities such as NY makes Baltimore seem a lot friendlier. A lot of folks in Baltimore do not get a chance to venture out and experience other city culture. They tend to stay stuck here and so they go with what they know. We have a lot of friendly folks here.

Melinda CupcakelovesIzaiah Skinner In this time of history yes we are. So many people have no manners, they bump and not say a word. Parents let there children be on the street instead of understanding. People steal from you not just material things. Your time and emotions is being wasted. Kids are even rude and have no respect for themselves or the next person. You can’t even order a meal or have an opinion without someone having something say. BALTIMORE PEOPLE IS NOT HOW THEY USE TO BE SMH

whthershey209 I can somewhat agree with that. Not everyone is unfriendly but if you go to another city to visit you do see a huge difference in the atmosphere.

gemini_sista Yes, i Agree Simply Because Most People in Baltimore Walk Around w/ A Chip on Their Shoulder…Waking Up w/ An Attitude, Thinking Somebody Owes Them Something!!

chereeseb78 I some what agree some not all I can say good morning etc to people I don’t know and people will look at me like I have 10 eyeballs coming out of my nose just because I spoke to them just because no reason some people aren’t used to total strangers saying Gm to them.

opheus_gentlebreed Yes I agree. When I moved to Texas people would speak and say hello, not here. Ppl here are rude and nasty.

mz_fab_coco I disagree there are great people in Baltimore! Hell people are rude in VA and I’m sure everywhere else it has to do with your upbringing if you were raised their way then you’ll end up that way….

1sickcharger @drejohnson1 i agree bro we don’t like out of towners we will throw a party for them asap and naw not the kind of party you have fun and dance at lol gm bro #Early

misstoey1018 I completely agree! Been saying that since I got here in the early 90’s. I am from the south and when I moved here, even at my young age, I realized the difference. I cannot tell you how many times I walk down the street saying “Hello” or “Good Morning” to someone and they look at you like you have three heads. I consistently come across people who are just mean for no good reason. It’s sad. But I agree. For fair balance, I have met some good souls here. But they are certainly the exception and not the rule. @92qjamsbmore @drejohnson1

allout749 I agree i was born and raised in Bmore I moved from Bmore last yr to Atl and people speak to me every day like i knew them for years but back home in Bmore you could get a coworker to speak to you and yall worked together

prettyteefus I moved to Florida about 15+ years ago, and you know the first thing I noticed? People in Florida smile. People in San Francisco, Texas, Atlanta, et al, they smile too. Came back home and I found myself smiling and greeting people I’d pass, just to be gritted on. Gritted on for extending a greeting. Yep, that’s Baltimore.

iamdjbunk @drejohnson1 Goodmorning dre, but it’s true, everyone in Bmore is Grouchy, always with a attitude and ego

satianashae I agree to an extent I wouldn’t say number 10. But its “surveys” like this that contribute to the city being “unfriendly”. Baltimore hardly ever gets credit for the good we do and have going on here.

grandman1126 YUUUUUUUUP… It’s sad… I saw someone say that we don’t like OUT of TOWNERs… 😂😂 We don’t like anyone… SMH… Next time you hold the door open for someone… Watch how they look at you and see if the say THANK YOU… SMH

ms585ny I totally agree. I’m not originally from this area so I notice the difference. In Baltimore people will walk right past you and look you in your face and don’t speak. Everyone has road rage.


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