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Baltimore City Skyline

Source: Dre Johnson / Dre Johnson

Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. What are some things that make ‪#‎Baltimore‬ a great city?



Brian Sessions The Beautiful Artistic culture …

Kevin Boardley Baltimore ravens and Orioles

Brian Sessions It’s ability not to give up on itself and its people despite its troubles

DoctorRell Bailey The Restaurants,Carry Outs, and Food Trucks

DoctorRell Bailey The will to grind and survive. Perhaps become being very successful in doing so.

Selina Author Selina Polk A City that reads

LaTear Richardson This city has a lot history, as well as a melting pot for all ethnicities

Nika Watkins It’s eclectic and artsy.

Katrina Truitt Our resilience….that bounce back!! The music and dancing are very original *in spite of Jersey and Philly copying* The food…LAWD knows you can’t get a chicken box like ours anywhere else in this country, gravy fries, sukiyaki subs, yat gow mein or ‘yakami’ to us lol, blue crabs, crab cakes, crab soup, crab dip, half & halfs, 😋😋😋

Vonnie Long Northeast market. Kim have my fried chicken and half n half ready for me the way I want it. Every Friday and Monday.

Tanaye Brooks The city as a whole. People do speak inspire of other cities. Support system around the holidays. Gotta love it. Crabs are the best here.

Vonnie Long K-Swift club music legacy. The dancing scene kind of died down in clubs but she made music to dance to and that will live on forever here in Baltimore.

Desi Alexander The people.

Darrick Chris Architectural history. Each community has its own culture within the city. The food!!!


Simeon Ainsworth I’m from NY & I think everything about Baltimore is great , the food , the history, the music , the teams…..its the ignorant people who it is giving the city a bad name….Some think they reppin the city but they really tearing its legacy down.

Michael Dixon Free hacks we don’t need Uber #Rokstarr Baltimore

JetPilot Jonah #we struggling lol But Them Ravens

Lisa Hodges Tenacity and resilience. In the face of adversity the citizens will rise to take back the city’s rich history.

Shaè McCoy Ummm….I’ll get back to yall on that

Fro Skola Chicken boxes!!!

Adreyan Miles The Music by local artist.

Tia Adams The food

Tyrone Smith Harbor is decent

Jennifer Knachel What’s great bout it..!!! Nothing. … ppl still killing. .kids killing kids..guns kill ppl.

Ray Peterson The buildings, the harbour, museums, some people, ravens, and historic relics.

ray_ray_410 92q!!!!!!

_selfmadesteve 92q and chicken boxes @drejohnson1

murdermall_jessy_kane The People…One of a Kind Baby👏👏👏👏

murdermall_jessy_kane Our culture/style….Unique 👌


dalll_baby The club music that makes it unique. Nothing like it.

blizz40 The fact that there are still good people here and genuine people who still believe in helping thy neighbor!

know_daze_off47 The harbor, the nightlife downtown, we’re a sports town, and we have our own accent 👍

gpc_life The small town feel within a big city! Authenticity!!

gmoneycool14 The nice party dance clubs and college

opheus_gentlebreed The seafood. Ain’t nothing like snow crab legs

kmj1002 We have several players in the nba and nfl. Present and past. I dont think we get credit for

mz_fab_coco I come to Baltimore every weekend from Southern Va and the people and culture makes it a great city I feel love every time I come up there… So much so I plan to move up there soon @drejohnson1

jbb427 Lots of green space, parks, water front, etc. I seen a bunch of deer, a fox, geese, and a blue heron and I live in Reservoir hill! Crazy!

living_lovin15 The MD steamed crabs

wce_machete Music scene, the club music @drejohnson1

djswooshnj The History original Bmore Club and the crab cakes! 💃💃💃💃💃

mylifemypicz $2 Tuesdays!

mr.actbad410 Shareefs @drejohnson1

gemini_sista Inner Harbor on Weekends, it’s great FREE entertainment such as the “Unicycle Lady” & “Balloon Art” Man!!

adoreprince59 Hey I just sent a message to you. Can u check it please. Thanks @drejohnson1


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