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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Iconic ‪#‎Baltimore‬ club The Paradox will close forever next year. What are your thoughts?


MrTerrence Teel We need to know why?

Pebbles Lewis Dre Johnson, it’s about time! It’s a pretty club inside, but it’s been too many unreported incidents that has happened there. My daughter’s situation was one of them.

Kevin Boardley I haven’t been to the paradox sent 2009 I didn’t know that they was closing I will miss the paradox.

Tee Denton Not a good thing @ all. That club has been around for a long time. Made plenty of money. I grew up to that club and that was my 1st club going to, many years ago

Christlynne Thrower A lot of friday night college partying there for me but, its cool

Lor Jeff Baltimore aint go no clubs now its just bars an lounges

Simeon Ainsworth The large club era is coming to an end.

Tanesha Scott The only club you can bring ya own bottle and get wet besides club tabu in catonsville but thats for sex freaks. Lol

Heather Lovejoy The first club I ever went to

Tonya Williams I didn’t know that it was still open shut that dump down

Renee A. Harris I’m about to tell my age but I remember when Fantasy closed and all of us house heads were sick…Wayne Davis found a new spot-the warehouse under the bridge and Paradox was born. I’m a little sad. I still have my membership card from ’89. Me and my …See More

Syncere Thought Jackson Autumn oh no!! Remember we use to wild out here in our younger days!!! Oh well.

Tanesha Scott My first club experience when i was young. Good memories.

Emily Wilson Paradox n Twilight Zone ….. a lot of memories

Marie Cherir LaVie Awww…too many memories

Alexandria Jinadu Didn’t even know it was still open

Brit Brat It will b a sad day. Fridays was the best nights

Kishonna Kennedy Mckenzie Will miss it . Had great times there .had a good run.

Tanesha Scott Are you the bomb ? What ?

William Padilla Burn it down..

Deitrick Jamal Mattison Man the memories #resteasy

Danielle CaramelDelight Robertson Yay! Maybe something better will take its place lol

Raven Mellerson I have no problem at all

Hope Lloyd Omg that’s sad

Apple Carmel Smith To much fights it’s all young ppl

Rhonda Ragin I did not know it was still open

Dana Bushrod That used to be the spot

Dashawn Stribling Thought it been closed down

Derek Stanton Its cool

Renea La Toya Lemon-Saulsbury I’ve never been

Ashly Smith I thought it closed forever like 10 years ago. Lol!!

Lakia Payne May Not Be Such A Bad Thing …..This Generation Isn’t Like Ours. I Remember Being Down There When I Was Young Wit Tony and The Djs From Back Then It Was A different Vibe. These Kids Wild Out On The Reg. We Wanted To Dance Our Pains Away While They Killing Each other smh. Or Hell Make It A 30 and Over Spot lol

Daniela Dreammaker Chatman Good

Stacy Jennings WOW!

Shaquille Finest Good

Prynce CJ Nooooo


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